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Luxembourg Visa For Nigerians | How To Apply

Luxembourg is a little Schengen nation that is often underappreciated as a travel destination. In order to reduce stress and provide unforgettable experiences, Luxembourg is a great destination to choose for relaxation, tourism, and various business engagements.

The nation is known for its distinct nature, history, and aviation connections with the rest of Europe.

As a Nigerian, traveling to the country is not going to take a hectic process. However, your primary need is to get your Visa ready. 

A Luxembourg Schengen Visa is necessary for a Nigerian to enter Luxembourg, and you must have other required travel documents to seal your stay. Here is some information to know about the Luxembourg visa for Nigerians.

In this article, I will discuss the types of visas that can be obtained and how to obtain them without making any mistakes.

Types of Luxembourg Visa for Nigerians

Each Visa has a purpose, and they influence how long you can remain in the territory. You have to ensure you get a Visa that aligns with your plan so that you will avoid rejection after a short while.

  1. Tourist visa

Some might need time off from their home country and decide to go sightseeing in Luxembourg. All you need is a Tourist Visa. This is processed for ten days and has a 90 days stay duration.

  1. Business visa

If the aim of going to the country is to seal a business or create one, you need to get a business Visa. The processing time is ten days and also elapses after 90 days.

  1. Work Visa

 If you are living in Nigeria to work in Luxembourg, you definitely need a work Visa. Any other Visa won’t give you access to working in the country. You can work there for at least a year before renewal.

  1. Student visa

Have you gotten admission into an institution in Luxembourg? You should be on your way to getting the student visa. Unlike some types of visas that have a specific duration, the student Visa depends on your course of study and the admission later you receive.

Long-term visas and visas for permanent settlement in Luxembourg are also available. Visit the website of the TLS Contact for additional details on these visas: CLICK HERE

Luxembourg Visa Requirements For Nigerians

The following are some of the requirements for Nigerians in order to apply for a Luxembourger Visa:

General Requirements

1. A Nigerian passport that is at least six months past the anticipated arrival date and has two blank pages available for stamping with the Visa.

2. Completed and signed visa application form

3. The paperwork must be signed by the applicant’s parents or legal guardians if they are minors ( children, teenagers).

4. A 3.5 x 4.5 cm passport-size photo with a white background.

5. Document for travel

 6. Evidence of financial assistance.

7. evidence of accommodation

8. A duplicate of the return flight ticket.

9. Evidence of the applicant’s ties to the nation of origin.

10. Thirty thousand euros for travel medical insurance to cover the period of the entire stay.

11. Documentation proving the objectives of the trip

12. A duplicate of the travel itinerary.

Requirements For Luxembourg Tourist Visa For Nigerians

1. Meet up the general requirements

 2. Visitors must prove there is enough money to sustain the duration of stay when applying for the Visa and should have at least $75 available daily.

Requirements For Luxembourg Business Visa for Nigerians

1. Meet up the General requirements

2. A letter of invitation from the Luxembourg company you are visiting. The Letter will also include their complete address along with the precise date and reason for your journey.

3. A confirmation or invitation from the conference organizer or host institution is necessary if attending a meeting or seminar is intended. If employed, you must show a document from your company declaring or approving your business travel.

4. You will require your most recent six-month bank statement. Self-employed people will present documentation of their legal business status.

5. Must be specified in the Letter from the applicant is highly required, and it should specify that the trip expenses will be paid for by either their employer or the company.

Requirements For Luxembourg Student Visa For Nigerians

1. Meet up the general requirements

2. Must present evidence of being enrolled as a full-time student at one of Luxembourg’s higher educational institutions.

3. Present evidence that shows the course’s tuition has been paid in full. Your health insurance must extend to all your studying days in Luxembourg. The insurance must have a minimum coverage of EUR 30,000 and be valid for all Schengen nations.

4. 500 euros per month are needed for students to pay their living expenses.

5. Submission of proof of accommodation is required. This might either be a lease agreement (a contract with a property owner in the Schengen state that specifies the address and other information about the facility and landlord) or a dorm contract (signed between you and a representative of a dorm in the nation where you will be staying).

Requirements For Luxembourg Working Visa For Nigerian

Ensure you meet up the general requirements

How To Apply for Luxembourg Visa in Nigeria

1. Obtain an invitation letter

Obtaining an invitation letter is the initial step in applying for a Luxembourg tourist, working, student, or business visa in Nigeria.

Your host, business partner, meeting, or conference planners in Luxembourg should be the ones to write this Letter. The reason for your visit to Luxembourg determines who will write this Letter.

However, if you don’t have a host in Luxembourg, a legitimate hotel room voucher might take the place of an invitation.

2. Fill out the online form to apply for a visa

You can complete and print out the online application form once you receive the invitation letter.

3. Compile the required documents

In order to ensure the processing of your visa application is completed on time, ensure you have all the required documentation. Documents required include:

  • Signed application form
  • A 35×45mm passport photograph
  • An International passport with at least two blank pages
  • Proof of ticket reservation
  • Travel insurance, at least the minimum of €30,000
  • Letter of parent/guidance authorization for underage
  • Evidence of sufficient fund
  • Letter of invitation

4. Submit the paperwork:

Once you have all the necessary paperwork, please bring it with copies to the visa application facility.

You can pay the visa cost at the center where you submit your application for a visa. You can submit your visa application on Monday through Friday from 8 am to 2 pm.


Can I enter Luxembourg without a Luxembourg visa?

If you are not a citizen or a Schengen region member and do not have a visa-free travel agreement with Luxembourg or the Schengen nations, you must enter Luxembourg with a Luxembourg visa.

Luxembourg Visas are valid for how long?

The duration of the Luxembourg Schengen visa varies depending on the kind and quantity of entries. The Schengen visa will be granted based on the reason for your entry. Visas for Schengen nations have a maximum annual validity of 90 days and are often valid for 180 days.

Who can apply for a Luxembourg visa?

Eligible citizens of any country can apply for a Luxembourg Visa.


The Belgian Embassy in Nigeria presently handles requests for visas to Luxembourg.

Address: 9, Usuma Street, Maitama, Abuja – Nigeria



Phone: (+234) 803 301 68 22

You can also visit for more information on Luxembourg Visa for Nigerians.

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