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Medical Schools With Scholarship In Europe.

Europe is a hub of world-class medical schools, offering a range of education and research opportunities in medicine and healthcare. Many people desire to go through the training of becoming surgeons in the future.. However, the high cost of medical school has been a major barrier. One of the major ways to overcome this challenge is through scholarships.

This article is just for you if you need the scholarship to get into a medical school in Europe.

I have listed major medical schools and the scholarships available. Follow this article to learn all you need to get a medical scholarship in Europe.

European Universities With Medical Scholarships.

Karolinska Institute

The Karolinska Institute in Sweden is a leading medical university. There are three major channels to get a medical scholarship into the school.

  1. Karolinska Institute Scholarships: This scholarship is awarded to international students. It uses academic merit and financial need as the criteria for eligibility. The scholarship covers tuition fees and living expenses.
  1. Swedish Institute Study Scholarships: This scholarship is offered by the Swedish Institute. You can only apply after getting approval to study in Sweden. The scholarship entails tuition fees, living expenses, and transport expenses.
  1. Swedish Institute Leadership Program Scholarships: This scholarship is offered to students from selected countries. These countries include the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Caucasus, and the Middle East.

Tuition fees, living expenses, and travel costs are also covered. The exact percentage of scholarships offered by Karolinska Institute can vary each year. It mainly depends on the specialty chosen by the individual. Please visit the School’s website for updates.

The University Of Oxford Scholarships

The University of Oxford offers different scholarships for medical students. Some are based on merit, while others are need-oriented awards.

One of the scholarships by the University is the Rhodes Scholarship. The scholarship covers till sophomore. It includes allowances for living and transport for two years. Oxford offers this scholarship to exceptional individuals around the world.

The University also offers the “Oxford-Oxfam Scholarship,” fully funded. The scholarship is meant for low-income students pursuing a medical degree. It is important to note that the availability and amount of scholarships vary yearly.

 The percentage of scholarships offered to medical students is not disclosed. But the University provides various scholarships and bursaries to support students from various places.

Imperial College London

Imperial College London also offers scholarships to medical students. These scholarships come from the college, external organizations, and government agencies.

One of the scholarships is Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. It supports individuals interested in pursuing a career in the National Health Service (NHS). These scholarships cover tuition fees and provide a living allowance for the duration of the medical program.

The Imperial College London also has Imperial-Fuller Fund Scholarship. Fuller fund scholarship covers tuition fees and provides a living allowance for students from developing countries.

Additionally, the college has a number of need-based scholarships to help students.

Note that the availability and amount of scholarships offered may vary yearly. Always check the official website of Imperial College London for the latest information.

University College London

University College London offers a variety of scholarships for aspiring medical students. UCL changes the percentage of scholarships to fit programs and number of applicants.

One of the most notable scholarships is the UCL Medical School Scholarship. These scholarships are awarded to students with the potential to contribute to medicine.

The scholarships can cover up to 100% of tuition fees. Financial support for living expenses can also be added depending on the modalities of acceptance.

Another scholarship program at UCL is the UCL Graduate Support Scheme. The UCL Graduate Support Scheme provides financial support to students experiencing financial hardship.

The amount of funding provided through this program can vary. However, they examine financial support based on the cost of tuition and living expenses.

In addition, UCL also offers bursaries and awards for medical students. You can check UCL Student Hardship Fund. The UCL International Students’ House Scholarship. Then the UCL Access to Learning Fund.

It is recommended to check the official website of UCL for the latest information on medical scholarships and financial aid. The percentage of scholarships offered and the amount of funding provided are reviewed annually.   

University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh in the UK offers a number of scholarships for medical students. These scholarships are awarded based on merit, financial need, or a combination of both factors.

 The percentage of scholarships by the University also varies from year to year. Things that affect the percentage are funding availability. As well as the number of applicants. And then academic performance.

The Chancellor’s Scholarship is one of the scholarships at the University. This scholarship is awarded to the most outstanding applicants. It covers tuition fees, a living stipend, and travel expenses.

The University of Edinburgh also offers bursaries and loans. Students are to apply through the University’s office of financial assistance.

Consult the University’s website or contact the financial aid office for more information.

Ludwig Maximilian University                               

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich in Germany offers medical scholarships. The scholarships are designed to help students with tuition and living expenses.

One of such scholarship offered is the “Deutsche Nationalstiftung” scholarship. The scholarship provides financial support to talented and motivated students.

This merit-based scholarship covers living expenses. It also covers tuition fees and study-related costs. The scholarship amount ranges from 600 to 1000 Euros per month.

 This is because the scholarship gets funded from different sources every year. It is advisable to check with the University for the most up-to-date information.


In conclusion, medical scholarships play a crucial role in helping aspiring medical students. Although the percentage of scholarships offered may change. These awards provide valuable financial assistance to students.


Which Country is the easiest to get a medical scholarship?

Italy is the easiest to get a medical scholarship.

Which Country has the best medical schools in Europe?

The United Kingdom has the best medical schools in Europe.

Are there special scholarships for African students to study medicine in Europe?

Yes, there are some scholarships for Africans to study in Europe.

Which European Country is the most welcoming to foreigners?

Belgium and Huruguay have proven to be receptive countries in Europe

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