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Requirements And How to Apply for A Working Visa

A working visa is a permit that allows individuals to work in a foreign country. If you are planning to work abroad, it is important to understand the requirements and process of obtaining a working visa. Traveling from one point to another point within a country is relatively easy. However, traveling from one country to another country is usually challenging.

It is so for numerous reasons, including citizenship, security, and authentication. Therefore, to make intercountry movements more official, there is the invention and use of the Visa.

Types of Visa

Of course, the significant and primary aim of possessing a Visa is to be authenticated to move freely, in or out of a particular location.

However, there exist some types of visas and their uses. This means that Visa has limitations depending on its type. This section thus explains the various types of visas, their uses, and their limitations.

There are various types of visas, but this article will explain just a few of them.

Transit Visa

Transit Visa is a visa for staying in a passage country to one’s destination. This kind of Visa is not issued for long-term purposes. Its purpose is for an individual to stay in a country as he travels to another.

That is, if the journey will take longer days and you will need to rest for some time, you will have to obtain a transit Visa to stay in the middle country to get some rest for a few days before embarking on the journey.

Transit visas often last for just a few days.

Medical Visa

On the other hand, a medical visa is issued for people with health issues who need more advanced medical attention.

Medical Visas are often short-term Visas that are given only for the period at which such a patient will recover from their illness.

 Therefore, to qualify for this kind of Visa, you must provide evidence of your health challenge.

Student Visa

A student Visa is the kind of Visa that is given to students mainly for educational purposes. Student Visa is primarily valid for a year to four years, depending on one’s program.

A student Visa only permits the holder to work in the host country if allowed by the host country.

Work Visa

 When an individual is offered a job in a foreign country, such an individual needs to obtain a work visa that permits such an individual to work abroad.

Based on the kind of employment, a work Visa can be granted for four years plus, depending on the employment agreement. Usually, the work visa often leads the individual to being a permanent citizen in the host country.

Visa-free travel

We would also mention visa-free travel. What is visa-free travel? Visa-free travel is a term used to explain the case such that a country gives people the freedom to travel without the use of a Visa.

This means that some host countries allow the intake of citizens of some countries without the use visa, although for some short trips. Some countries often enjoy this privilege. 

Therefore, citizens from these countries can travel to those host countries without a Visa.

How To Get a Working Visa

There are three basic ways to obtain a Visa. These ways are mainly: obtaining at the embassy or the consulate of the host country, online, and applying on arrival, where you can apply when you alight at your host country immediately.

This section will discuss various steps to take in applying for a Visa.

1.     Identify the visa type.

As explained earlier, there are various types of visas. Before you consider getting a visa, you must use the exact purpose of your traveling to know the visa type you need to request or apply for.

2.     Begin your application

After you have considered the type of Visa you need, you will proceed to request your application form. The application can be made online or at the consulate. After doing this, you book an appointment with the Visa Application Center (VAC).

3.     Book an appointment

You have to book an appointment with the Visa application center. By doing this, you get to be interviewed about your upcoming journey.

You are expected to bring a copy of your application to the VAC, especially if you registered online.

4.     Payment

When your appointment is booked already, you can proceed to make payments. Payments can be made through debit cards or cash.

5.     Application tracking

You can track your application online. You can do this by using the number on your receipt, the reference number, and the last name.

6.     Pick up your passport.

The last step is to get your Visa on your passport. After about a week, depending on VAC, you can get your Visa.

Requirements for obtaining Visa

Not everyone can freely obtain Visa to travel abroad. There are, thus, specific conditions that can limit an individual from having the privilege of obtaining a Visa.

These requirements may vary from country to country. However, this article provides the requirements often generic to getting a visa worldwide.

  1. A filled and signed Visa application form is attached with a recently taken photo.

2. Valid passport: you need a valid passport to request a Visa. The passport is the resting place of the Visa, as it will be placed on the passport.

3. Proof of accommodation: this means that there must be an assurance of accommodation where you’re going, be it a hotel, hostel, rental agreement, letter from any valid citizen, etc.

4. Proof that you’re financially buoyant to feed yourself: it may be in the form of a bank account statement or sponsorship letter.

Moreover, you are expected to have an excellent and recommendable record as a citizen. Otherwise, you might be denied a Visa if there are many anomalies about your name.

For example, an ex-convict might be deprived of a Visa to some important countries. Also, you might not be granted a visa if you have a debt record.


How quickly can I get Visa?

A visa takes little time to process. It often takes a maximum of 7 to 10 working days in a normal situation.

How long will the visa interview take?

To obtain Visa, you might be asked some questions. These questions will take a little time as they are just a few questions.

What words should I avoid when taking interview questions?

To answer interview questions, make sure you avoid conversational fillers. Be specific and straightforward.


In conclusion, issuing a Visa is for more than just fun. It is essential. The significant importance, therefore, is to checkmate the incoming and outgoing individuals from a country.

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