Be Good To Go

Help prevent traveler's constipation the natural proven way

Thank You

We created Good To Go to help those who struggle with constipation while traveling. So many people shared with us their horror stories about ruined days while traveling, and even entire ruined vacations. These stories may seem funny years later but were nightmares in real time. We take great pride in having been able to help thousands of fellow travelers over the past several years. And we loved hearing your often funny and passionate testimonials about Good To Go. Unfortunately, the challenges that overcome many new businesses overcame us and we have been forced to stop production and cease operation.

We know that many of you came to count on Good To Go to keep you regular on your trip and we’re sorry we can’t be there for you anymore. It would certainly be nice to suggest a simple substitute but our product was unique. Here are some suggestions that might be helpful- they mirror the concepts that went into creating good to go.

1. Drink lots of water on your day of travel and the first few days at your destination- at least two extra glasses a day.

2. Get EXTRA fiber in your diet a couple of days before you travel and for the first few days of your trip. Whether this is food- cereal, fruit, salads or fiber supplements makes no difference. But it should be more fiber than you routinely have- 3-4grams extra would be a good rule of thumb.

3. Consider a standard dose of a laxative taken at bedtime beginning the evening of arriving at your destination and continuing for a few days at least. Magnesium, senna or aloe would be good choices. Follow the labels to determine what a standard dose is.

4. Good To Go used several different laxatives at low doses along with fiber supplements which is what made it useful to more than 90% of travelers who used it. You can combine senna, magnesium and aloe combined at half dose of their standard doses, combined with fiber supplements as above, to achieve a similar effect as Good To Go.

5. When you get the urge to move your bowels when you’re away make sure you do so. Don’t let the unfamiliar bathroom deter you. Holding it in until you find a bathroom you like will definitely exacerbate your constipation.

We hope those help. We appreciate the faith you put in Good To Go and we are thrilled that we could help so many travelers relax and enjoy their vacations and business trips without worrying about constipation.

From our business family to yours, we wish you safe and healthy travels in the future!

Ed and Wendy