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“Worked like a charm. I actually gave a package to my 24 year old granddaughter who also suffers from constipation and it worked for her also.”

Susan, MA

“Good to go was very helpful. Easy to use and easy to follow instructions. Better than anything I've used before.”

Diane, CA

“Good to Go is the first product that actually worked for me. Laxatives never worked and prescription meds just made me too sick to enjoy vacation. I've struggled with severe traveler's constipation for 10 years and I'm a lover of travel. I'm so excited I found this!!”

Sarah, CO

Natural Ingredients to help prevent traveler's Constipation



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Dr. Ed Levine Gastroenterologist & Dr. Wendy Levine Physician

What Causes Traveler's Constipation

What causes constipation while traveling? Dr. Edwin Levine, MD, Gastroenterologist & Co-Founder, Good to Go™ answers this question.