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Employment Authorization Card: All You Need To Know

The Employment Authorization Card, also known as a work permit, is a document issued by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services that allows individuals to legally work in the United States.


This card serves as proof that the holder is authorised to be employed by a U.S. employer and is crucial towards financial stability and independence for many immigrants.


If you didn’t know, as of 2020, over 1.3 million people in the United States held an Employment Authorization Card issued by USCIS.


This powerful little card may be small in size, but it carries immense significance for undocumented immigrants seeking to legally work in America and contribute to it’s economy.


In this article, we’ll discuss the ins and outs of the EAC, exploring its benefits, application process, and its impact on both individuals and the broader community.


Eligibility Criteria for an Employment Authorisation Card

It is a known fact that not every undocumented immigrant can get this card for themselves.

And this begs the question, who can apply for an EAC?

In response to the question, individuals seeking employment authorization, such as certain visa holders and asylum seekers, are all eligible to apply for an Employment Authorisation Card.


Some of the documentation required for the application included proof of their eligibility category, biographical information, and payment of the required fees.


Process of Applying for an Employment Authorization Card

Obtaining for yourself an EAC involves a structured application process with specific eligibility criteria and required documents.

Here are the key steps to follow:


  • Determine Eligibility: Check if you fall under one of the categories of individuals eligible to apply for an EAC.


  • Gather Required Documents: Collect necessary documents, such as identification, proof of eligibility, and application forms.


  • Submit Application to USCIS: Send your complete application package to USCIS and await a decision.


  • Addressing Challenges: Common challenges in the application process include delays and rejections, but these can often be resolved through active communication with USCIS.


However, some common mistakes to avoid making during the application process includes:


  • Missing deadlines
  • Providing incomplete information
  • Failing to include required supporting documents can lead to delays or even denials.


Benefits of the Employment Authorization Card


For individuals that are successful in their application, some of the benefits that can be enjoyed includes:


  • Legal Work Authorization:The primary benefit of the EAC is the ability to work legally in the U.S., opening up a world of job opportunities for immigrants.


  • Economic Contribution:Immigrant workers with EACs contribute significantly to the U.S. economy, adding diversity and skills to the labour force.


  • Job Opportunities and Working Conditions:With an EAD, individuals have access to better job prospects and improved working conditions, leading to higher job satisfaction and income stability.


  • Access to government benefits:Certain government benefits can now be accessible to successful applicants, such as Social Security, may be available to EAD holders.

Renewal and Extension of an Employment Authorisation Card

Knowing when and how to renew the Employment Authorisation Card is important to maintain the employment status of an undocumented immigrant.

Renewal should be done before the current EAD expires by filing the Form I-765 and submitting required documents.

Furthermore, there are consequences of letting an EAD expire.

Failure to renew an EAD on time can result in loss of work authorization and potential legal complications.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is an Employment Authorization Card (EAC)?

A: An Employment Authorization Card, also known as a work permit, is a document issued by USCIS that allows non-U.S. citizens to work legally in the United States for a specific period.


Q: Who is eligible to apply for an EAC?

A: Eligibility for an EAC varies based on immigration status, visa type, and other factors. Typically, individuals with certain visa categories, pending immigration applications, asylum seekers, and DACA recipients can apply for an EAC.


Q: How long does it take to receive an EAC after applying?

A: The processing time for an EAC application can vary depending on factors such as USCIS workload, completeness of the application, and current processing times. On average, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to receive an EAC.


Q: Can an EAC holder work for any U.S. employer?

A: Yes, EAC holders have the flexibility to work for any U.S. employer, as long as the job is within the scope of the authorized work category specified on the Employment Authorisation Card.


Q: Is it possible to renew an EAC before it expires?

A: Yes, renewal is possible for eligible individuals. It’s recommended to start the renewal process well before the current EAC expires to avoid any work interruptions. The renewal application should be submitted to USCIS along with any required supporting documents.


Final Thoughts

Employment Authorization Cards serve as a crucial lifeline for countless individuals seeking to work legally in the United States.

Understanding the eligibility criteria, application process, benefits, and renewal procedures is essential for maximizing the opportunities provided by an EAC.

Remember, each step in the EAC process is vital, and attention to detail can make all the difference.

Whether you’re applying for the first time, renewing your EAC, or exploring the potential benefits of holding this essential document, thorough research and adherence to guidelines are key to a successful journey.

By navigating the intricacies of EADs with confidence, individuals can open up a world of possibilities and pursue their professional ambitions with peace of mind.

With an EAC in hand, the path to work authorization and fulfilling career opportunities becomes clearer and more attainable.

Embrace the opportunities that an EAC can offer and embark on a journey to realize your full potential in the professional landscape.


Remember, your Employment Authorization Card is not just a document; it’s a gateway to a world of possibilities.

Make the most of it, and let your career aspirations soar.

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