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Logistics Supervisor Vacancy at Freshfresh Alberta Co. Ltd.

Are you an experienced Logistics Supervisor looking for a rewarding career opportunity? Look no further! Freshfresh Alberta Co. Ltd. is currently seeking a dedicated and skilled Logistics Supervisor to join their dynamic team.

With a competitive hourly rate of $26.37, attractive benefits, and a welcoming work environment, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Read on to discover more about the role and how you can apply.

Job Details

Logistics Supervisor

Position: Logistics Supervisor

Company: Freshfresh Alberta Co. Ltd. Location: Alberta,

Canada Working Time: 35 hours per week (Full time)

Salary: $26.37 hourly Start Date: As soon as possible Vacancies: 1

Responsibilities and Duties

As a Logistics Supervisor, you will play a crucial role in the efficient operations of Freshfresh Alberta Co. Ltd. Your primary responsibilities will include:

  1. Establishing Work Schedules and Procedures: You will be responsible for creating work schedules and procedures that optimize productivity and ensure smooth logistics operations within the organization. By carefully planning and organizing tasks, you will contribute to meeting deadlines and exceeding customer expectations.
  2. Coordinating Activities: Collaboration is key! You will work closely with other work units and departments to coordinate logistics activities. By fostering effective communication and cooperation, you will enhance efficiency and streamline processes, resulting in improved overall performance.
  3. Report Preparation and Submission: As a Logistics Supervisor, you will compile and prepare reports detailing key logistics metrics, such as inventory levels, transportation costs, and delivery timelines. These reports will help inform management decisions and identify areas for improvement.
  4. Problem Resolution: When work-related problems arise, you will step in to find effective solutions. Your ability to analyze situations, think critically, and make informed decisions will be invaluable in addressing challenges promptly and maintaining smooth operations.
  5. Worker Training: As a knowledgeable logistics professional, you will be responsible for training workers in their duties and familiarizing them with organizational policies. Your guidance and support will empower employees to perform at their best and contribute to the company’s success.
  6. Work Coordination and Review: To ensure efficiency and quality, you will coordinate, assign, and review the work of your team members. By providing clear instructions and constructive feedback, you will help them excel in their roles and meet performance goals.
  7. Operational Logistics Oversight: You will play a key role in overseeing the operational logistics of the organization. This includes monitoring transportation, inventory management, and warehouse operations to optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and meet customer demands.

Qualifications and Skills

To be considered for the Logistics Supervisor position at Freshfresh Alberta Co. Ltd., you should possess the following qualifications and skills:

  • Education: A secondary (high) school graduation certificate is required.
  • Experience: 3 to 5 years of relevant experience in logistics or a related field.
  • Language: Proficiency in English is essential to effectively communicate with team members and stakeholders.
  • Computer and Technology Knowledge: Strong proficiency in MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS PowerPoint, MS Word, and MS Windows is necessary to perform various administrative and data analysis tasks.

Additional Requirements

To ensure the safety and security of operations, Freshfresh Alberta Co. Ltd. requires the following:

  • Security and Safety: A criminal record check is mandatory.
  • Transportation/Travel Information: A valid driver’s license and access to your vehicle are required.
  • Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities: The role involves working in a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines. Attention to detail and the ability to handle heavy loads are essential.

Personal Suitability

Freshfresh Alberta Co. Ltd. values individuals who possess the following personal qualities:

Efficient Interpersonal Skills: Strong communication and interpersonal skills are crucial in this role. As a Logistics Supervisor, you will interact with team members, stakeholders, and external partners, requiring effective communication and the ability to build positive relationships.

  • Flexibility: Logistics operations can be dynamic and unpredictable. Adaptability and flexibility are essential qualities to navigate changing priorities, handle unexpected challenges, and ensure smooth operations.
  • Judgment: The ability to make sound decisions based on available information is a vital attribute for a Logistics Supervisor. You will be responsible for assessing situations, analyzing data, and choosing the most appropriate course of action to optimize logistics processes.
  • Organized: Strong organizational skills are a must for managing multiple tasks, schedules, and deadlines. Being able to prioritize effectively, delegate tasks, and maintain a well-structured workflow will contribute to your success in this role.


Freshfresh Alberta Co. Ltd. recognizes the value of its employees and offers attractive benefits, including free parking, in addition to the competitive hourly rate. The company is committed to providing a supportive and inclusive work environment that promotes equal employment opportunities for all job applicants.

Who Can Apply

To apply for the Logistics Supervisor position at Freshfresh Alberta Co. Ltd., you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Citizenship/Residency: You must be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada, or hold a valid Canadian work permit.
  2. Work Authorization: If you are not authorized to work in Canada, please refrain from applying, as the employer will not be able to respond to your application.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for a job at FreshGo Inc., you can do so by following the steps below:

Step 1: Review the Job Posting Take the time to review the job posting carefully to ensure that you meet the necessary requirements for the position. Pay attention to the job reference number provided.

Step 2: Prepare your Application To apply for the job, send your application via email to In your email, be sure to include the job reference number (12013) in the subject line.

Your application should also include the following:

  • A cover letter
  • Responses to the screening questions included in the job posting

Step 3: Respond to Screening Questions The job posting includes three screening questions that you must answer in your application:

  • Are you available for shift or on-call work?
  • Are you currently legally able to work in Canada?
  • Are you willing to relocate for this position?
  • Do you have previous experience in this field of employment?

Make sure to provide thoughtful and complete answers to these questions.

Step 4: Submit Your Application Once you have completed your application, double-check that you have included all required documents and have answered all screening questions. Then, send your application to the email address provided in the job posting.


Join Freshfresh Alberta Co. Ltd. Today: If you are a motivated logistics professional seeking a challenging and rewarding career opportunity, this Logistics Supervisor vacancy at Freshfresh Alberta Co. Ltd. is your chance to make a significant impact. With competitive compensation, attractive benefits, and a supportive work environment, you can take your logistics career to new heights.

To apply, please submit your resume, highlighting your relevant experience, skills, and qualifications, along with a cover letter expressing your interest in the position. Freshfresh Alberta Co. Ltd. looks forward to reviewing your application and potentially welcoming you to their dynamic team.

  • Note: Make sure to review the job requirements and only apply if you meet the specified criteria.


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