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Finance Director Vacancy in Richmond, BC

An exceptional job opening has emerged for a Finance Director position in Richmond, BC. This opportunity offers a competitive hourly rate of $58.00 for a full-time position, guaranteeing 40 hours of work per week.

The role provides long-term stability, as it is a permanent position with attractive benefits, including health benefits, financial perks, long-term benefits, and additional incentives. With three vacancies available, the company is actively seeking qualified individuals to join its team and make a significant impact. If you meet the requirements and are ready to take on a rewarding challenge, apply now and unlock your career potential!

Job Details

Finance Director

Position: Finance Director Location: Richmond, BC Working

Time: $58.00 hourly, 40 hours per week Terms of Employment:

Permanent employment/Full-time Start

Date: Starts as soon as possible

Benefits: Health benefits, Financial benefits, Long-term benefits, Other benefits

Vacancies: 3 vacancies

Job Description:

As the Finance Director, you will play a crucial role in overseeing the financial operations of a distinguished company based in Richmond, BC. The position demands expertise in budget planning, policy implementation, investment strategies, and financial data analysis.

By collaborating with senior management, you will provide valuable insights and guidance to optimize financial performance. With your exceptional organizational and leadership skills, you will effectively manage daily operations, ensuring compliance with financial policies and procedures.

Let’s explore the tasks and responsibilities awaiting you:

  1. Budget Planning and Control: Take charge of planning and controlling budgets and expenditures, ensuring optimal allocation of financial resources. Your keen eye for detail will facilitate informed decision-making and financial efficiency.
  2. Policy and Procedure Implementation: Establish and implement policies and procedures that promote financial stability and compliance. By creating a robust framework, you will streamline financial activities and contribute to the overall success of the organization.
  3. Team Management and Motivation: Lead and inspire a talented finance team, providing guidance and motivation to foster a collaborative work environment. Your leadership skills will contribute to the team’s growth and success.
  4. Project and Program Coordination: Oversee the coordination, assignment, and review of various projects and programs. Your organizational prowess will ensure smooth execution and adherence to deadlines, contributing to overall project success.
  5. Investment Strategy Management: Design and manage investment strategies to maximize returns and minimize risks. Your financial acumen will play a pivotal role in identifying lucrative opportunities and driving the organization’s financial growth.
  6. Financial Data Analysis: Oversee the collection and analysis of financial data to derive meaningful insights. By providing accurate and comprehensive financial reports, you will assist senior management in making informed decisions.
  7. Report Preparation and Analysis: Ensure the accurate and timely preparation of financial reports that reflect the organization’s financial status. Your meticulousness and attention to detail will contribute to effective decision-making processes.
  8. Senior Management Advisory: Serve as a trusted advisor to senior management, providing financial guidance and insights. Your expertise will contribute to strategic planning, risk assessment, and overall financial well-being.
  9. Daily Operations Evaluation: Plan, organize, direct, control, and evaluate daily operations to ensure adherence to financial policies and procedures. Your analytical mindset will identify areas for improvement and drive operational efficiency.

Who Can Apply?

To be considered for this exciting opportunity, please ensure that you meet the following criteria:

  1. Nationality and Residency:
    • Applicants must be Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or temporary residents of Canada.
    • A valid Canadian work permit is required.
  1. Authorization to Work in Canada:
    • Individuals who are not authorized to work in Canada should refrain from applying, as the employer will not respond to their applications.


The employer is committed to providing equal employment opportunities and encourages applications from candidates belonging to diverse backgrounds.

This includes individuals who self-identify as Indigenous people, Newcomers to Canada, Veterans, Visible minorities, and Youth. The company recognizes the value of a diverse and inclusive workforce, fostering creativity, innovation, and success.

Working for this esteemed organization, you will experience a supportive and inclusive work environment where your contributions are highly valued. Along with the competitive hourly rate of $58.00, the comprehensive benefits package includes health benefits, financial perks, long-term benefits, and additional incentives.

The company believes in investing in the well-being and growth of its employees, providing the resources necessary for personal and professional development.

To be considered for the Finance Director position, candidates should possess a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field and have a minimum of 5 years of experience in finance or a related role. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in budget planning, financial analysis, and investment strategies. Effective leadership skills, excellent communication abilities, and the capacity to collaborate with cross-functional teams are essential for success in this role.

Joining this dynamic team in Richmond, BC as the Finance Director offers an exciting career opportunity. You will have the chance to make a lasting impact, contribute to organizational growth, and shape the financial future of the company.

The company values individuals who are driven, detail-oriented and possess strong analytical skills. Your expertise will be crucial in driving financial success and supporting strategic decision-making.

To apply for this position, interested candidates are requested to submit their comprehensive resumes, highlighting relevant qualifications and experience. While the company appreciates all applications, only selected candidates will be contacted for further evaluation.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to advance your finance career and be part of a dynamic team. Apply today for the Finance Director vacancy in Richmond, BC, and unlock your full potential!

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