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Exciting Cashier Vacancy at NEO MART

Are you looking for a rewarding and dynamic job opportunity? Look no further! NEO MART is thrilled to announce a fantastic cashier vacancy at the Brandon, MB location. As a premier retail destination, NEO MART is committed to providing exceptional service to valued customers.

If you possess excellent communication skills, a knack for numbers, and a passion for delivering outstanding customer experiences, this is the perfect role for you. Join the team and embark on an exciting journey with NEO MART!

Job Details


Position: Cashier

Working Time: $15.00 hourly, 30 hours per week

Terms of Employment: Permanent employment/Full-time

Start Date: Starts as soon as possible

Benefits: Other benefits

Vacancies: 1 vacancy

Location: Brandon, MB


As a cashier at NEO MART, you will play a crucial role in ensuring smooth transactions and delivering exceptional service to customers. With a friendly demeanor and attention to detail, you will operate cash registers, process various forms of payments, and provide accurate change.

Join the team and become an integral part of the NEO MART family, where teamwork and customer satisfaction are at the heart of the operation.


  1. Operate cash register: Efficiently handle cash registers, ensuring precise entries and maintaining cash security.
  2. Process money, cheques, and card payments: Handle various forms of payments, including cash, cheques, and credit/debit cards, ensuring accuracy and security throughout the transaction.
  3. Scan items: Utilize the modern scanning system to efficiently scan items for accurate pricing and inventory control.
  4. Receive payment for goods or services: Provide friendly and efficient service to customers, ensuring accurate payment collection for purchases.
  5. Calculate daily/shift payments and reconcile sales: Use strong mathematical skills to calculate and reconcile the payments received during the shift, ensuring accuracy and accountability.
  6. Suggestive selling: Enhance customer experiences by suggesting additional products or services that may be of interest.
  7. Greet customers: Welcome customers warmly, creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere in the store.
  8. Wrap or place merchandise in bags: Carefully wrap or bag merchandise, ensuring it is protected and ready for customers to take home.
  9. Weigh produce and bulk foods: Handle fresh produce and bulk food items, accurately weighing and pricing them for purchase.
  10. Monitor entrances and exits: Diligently monitor all entrances and exits, requesting proof of payment when necessary to maintain store security.

Experience and Specialization

To excel in this role, familiarity with various technologies and equipment is essential. As a cashier at NEO MART, you will have the opportunity to work with:

  • Computer and technology knowledge: Proficiency in using electronic cash registers, price scanners, and computerized inventory record-keeping systems.
  • Electronic cash register: Experience in operating cash registers with precision and efficiency.
  • Price scanner: Utilize the advanced scanning system to accurately scan items and ensure correct pricing.
  • Computerized inventory record-keeping and re-ordering system: Familiarity with digital inventory management systems to maintain accurate records and facilitate reordering processes.

Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities

Working at NEO MART is dynamic and fast-paced. You will encounter various work conditions and physical demands, including:

  • Fast-paced environment: Adaptability to handle a high volume of transactions and provide swift and accurate service.
  • Physically demanding: This role involves physical activities such as standing for extended periods, walking, and occasionally lifting or moving items.
  • Attention to detail: Meticulousness in handling cash and providing accurate change is essential.

Personal Suitability

At NEO MART, personal qualities that contribute to a positive work environment and exceptional customer service are highly valued. As a cashier, we look for individuals who possess the following personal suitability:

  1. Client focus: A strong commitment to providing excellent service to valued customers. Your friendly demeanor and willingness to go the extra mile will ensure customer satisfaction.
  2. Dependability: We rely on cashiers to be punctual and reliable, consistently meeting work schedules and delivering consistent performance.
  3. Excellent oral communication: Effective communication skills are essential in interacting with customers and team members. Clear and friendly communication will be the key to creating a welcoming atmosphere.
  4. Initiative: Demonstrating a proactive approach to work and taking initiative to assist customers and resolve issues will greatly contribute to success as a cashier.
  5. Organized: The ability to multitask, prioritize responsibilities, and maintain an organized workspace will help thrive in a fast-paced environment.
  6. Reliability: Valuing individuals who can be counted on to fulfill responsibilities and complete tasks accurately and efficiently.
  7. Team player: Collaboration and cooperation with fellow team members are crucial to maintaining a positive and harmonious work environment. Appreciating individuals who contribute to a cohesive team spirit.

Equal Employment Opportunities

At NEO MART, equal employment opportunities for all job applicants are promoted. The company believes in creating a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the communities it serves. Applications are welcome from individuals who self-identify as members of the following groups:

  • Indigenous people: Embracing the rich cultural heritage of Indigenous people and valuing their contributions to the team.
  • Newcomers to Canada: Recognizing the skills and experiences newcomers bring to the workforce, fostering an environment of growth and inclusion.
  • Veterans: Honoring the service and dedication of veterans and appreciating their unique skill sets that enhance the team.
  • Visible minorities: Celebrating diversity and encouraging individuals from visible minority groups to apply, as their perspectives enrich the organization.
  • Youth: Offering opportunities for young individuals to gain valuable work experience, setting them on a path towards a successful career.

Application Requirements

To apply for this exciting cashier vacancy at NEO MART, please ensure that the following requirements are met:

  1. Canadian citizenship or permanent/temporary residency: Applicants must be Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or hold a valid Canadian work permit.
  2. Valid Canadian work permit: If an applicant is a temporary resident of Canada, a valid work permit must be possessed.
  3. Authorization to work in Canada: Only individuals authorized to work in Canada should apply for this position. The employer will not respond to applications from those not authorized to work in the country.



Join NEO MART as a cashier and embark on a fulfilling career in the retail industry. As a vital part of the team, cashiers contribute to delivering exceptional customer experiences and ensuring smooth transactions.

With competitive compensation, benefits, and a supportive work environment, NEO MART is the perfect place to grow skills and thrive. Apply today and seize this opportunity to become a valued member of the NEO MART family!

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