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Fishery Officer at Seawatch Inc, Colinet, NL

Seawatch Inc, a leading environmental conservation and management company, seeks a Fishery Officer to join their team in Colinet, Newfoundland, and Labrador. This is a seasonal full-time position with an hourly pay of $22.23, with a start date of June 5, 2023.

The successful candidate will be responsible for patrolling the wildlife and environment in Canada’s seas to ensure compliance with laws and regulations related to the conservation and management of renewable resources.

Role and Responsibilities

Fishery Officer

As a Fishery Officer at Seawatch Inc, you will have a wide range of responsibilities related to protecting wildlife and the environment in Canada’s seas. Your duties will include:

  • Patrolling wildlife and environment by truck, aircraft, boat, or foot to ensure compliance with laws and regulations related to renewable resources
  • Inspecting fishing gear and equipment to ensure they comply with laws and regulations
  • Inspecting fish catch for size and ensuring they are within legal limits.
  • Monitoring the legal fish season and ensuring that fishing activities are not taking place outside the designated season
  • Presenting evidence in court when necessary to enforce laws and regulations
  • Performing resource protection duties to safeguard Canada’s seas and the wildlife that depend on them

Credentials and Experience

To be eligible for this position, you must have a secondary (high) school graduation certificate and a Conservation Enforcement Course certificate. However, you may not have any experience. In that case, you will still be considered for the position, as Seawatch Inc will provide you with the necessary training to carry out your duties efficiently.

Additionally, you must have experience and specialization in enforcement and renewable resources. You must have excellent oral and written communication skills, efficient interpersonal skills, be a team player, have excellent judgment, be organized, and have the ability to work under pressure with attention to detail.

Work Environment

As a Fishery Officer, you will work in a rural area, mostly in/on water, with a physically demanding environment requiring you to walk, stand, and sit for long periods. This means you must be physically fit and able to handle the challenging conditions of the job.

You must have your vehicle as you must travel to different locations within Canada’s seas. However, Seawatch Inc will pay for your travel expenses, including mileage.

Security and Safety

Seawatch Inc takes the safety of its employees seriously. As such, you must have an enhanced reliability security clearance before being considered for the job. This ensures that you are suitable for the role and can be trusted to carry out your duties efficiently without endangering your colleagues or the wildlife.


Fishery Officer

In addition to the hourly pay of $22.23, the successful candidate will receive financial benefits per the collective agreement. This means you can expect a good remuneration package to make it worthwhile. Also, Seawatch Inc will pay for your travel expenses, including mileage.



Working as a Fishery Officer at Seawatch Inc, Colinet, NL, is an excellent opportunity to impact Canada’s seas and wildlife significantly. The job comes with excellent financial benefits and the opportunity to work with professionals passionate about environmental conservation and management.

If you meet the requirements and desire to protect Canada’s seas and the wildlife that depends on them, this job is worth considering. Apply now and be part of the team working tirelessly to safeguard Canada’s natural resources for future generations.

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