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Uk companies that sponsor work Visa


Do you intend to travel abroad to the UK, or do you have a friend or relative who wishes to do so? Traveling abroad has always been challenging, as many companies now sponsor people willing to travel overseas in order to ease these burdens.

These companies are available with a very large number, recruiting people that can leave their hike country to work in the UK. Stay tuned as we explore these countries and some other things you need to understand about visas.

Applying for a UK sponsorship Visa entails meeting and completing specific application procedures. These procedures vary according to different reasons, which include the purpose of traveling, location, etc. This article is thus channeled toward exploring these companies and their various procedural requirements.


Quantum Black software company

This company offers sponsorship to its recruits. Quantum Black employs able software engineers who can work according to their requirements and offer them sponsorship.

Requirements for sponsorship in Quantum Black software company

To be considered for sponsorship in this company t, the requirements are:

  1. One must possess at least a bachelor’s degree, preferably in computer science, MIT, IT, or computer engineering courses.
  2. One must have expertise and years of experience in industry experience and other essential areas.
  3. Knowledge of software programs like AWS, SQL, Python, etc., is also required.
  4. Must be able to handle Python and some other programming languages like Java. In short, one must be a senior software developer and engineer.

PwC Accounting & Professional Services

PWC accounting is a sub-brand of the Price Waterhouse brand. This company provides sponsorship opportunities to people in various ways, like education and tourism.

PWC sponsors people that require a Visa to study in the UK, although one has to meet all requirements, as there exists an aim to the assistance they render. These aims are significant reasons for considering the recruitment of people.

PWC sponsors students who want to work and study for experienced and professional jobs.



The NHS is one of the health service systems that exist in the UK. It is publicly funded and is widely known as the world’s most extensive single-payer healthcare system.

The company recruits members competent enough to fit in for specific roles like nursing, Midwifery, clinical administration, etc.

NHS offers Visa sponsorship for whoever fits into expected roles. The requirements, therefore, are based on the work vacancy one has applied for and met requirements.


Aldi stores

This is the brand name of two different German-owned supermarket stores. Aldi has its headquarters in Germany but has over 10,000 stores in 20 countries, including the UK.

Yes, Aldi is a supermarket. The company recruits members to work in various positions. The demands of such a role determine the requirements for each role and position.



Unilever is a consumer goods company that exists in the UK, having its headquarters in London. The company has branches in about 120 countries around the world.

This makes the application for any post an easier one. The company supports people with early careers. This means that you don’t need to attain a very high academic qualification before being considered to be offered posts and sponsorship.

Thus, students can enroll in both college and tertiary students.


Can a UK company sponsor one’s Visa?

The straight answer to the above question is “yes.” Many companies offer the opportunity of Visa sponsorship.

These companies that offer this opportunity usually need more hands to work with them. Thus, the main aim of many companies for sponsoring people is mainly to the end that many people may be helped and further employed in their companies.


Can I self-sponsor a UK work Visa?

Of course, you can self-sponsor your UK work Visa. If you have sufficient funds to sponsor yourself, you can proceed.

To do this, all you have to do is know the kind of Visa you need, pay the necessary funds required, schedule a visa interview where some essential questions will be asked, submit your file, and get your Visa processed.

However, it is nice to consider other sponsorship programs laid down by some companies. These sponsorship programs include teachings like equipping individuals with necessary academic qualifications and giving out accommodation.

To qualify for sponsorship programs like this, you must fulfill the requirement laid down by the particular company that wants to sponsor you. These requirements vary according to the wants and needs of each company that wants to sponsor one. 



How much does a UK visa cost?

A UK visa costs differently according to what one wants to do in the UK. If you’re applying for temporary work, the price differs from a permanent resident permit—however, a Visa costs between 129 USD to 2000 USD.

How much bank statement is required for a UK Visit Visa?

Before you can travel abroad, you will have a good bank account statement about six months earlier. This will prove that the bearer is buoyant enough financially to carry on.

Can I apply for a UK visa without a bank statement?

Yes, you can apply for a UK visa without a bank statement, but your bank has to provide proof. The proof is expected to confirm that you have the necessary funds to carry on.



Applying for a UK visa is more involved than it looks. All you need to do is to have the sufficient amount of money required and have a positive credit history. You also must not have been convicted before.

Nevertheless, you could find out about companies offering your preferred Visa. Some companies in the UK provide visa sponsorship programs to educate and equip people from around the world.

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