Private Colleges with High Acceptance Rates in Texas

Texas is a popular destination for students because it is a top-rated location. This means that there are going to be disproportionately more students applying to Texas Universities.

You might be interested in considering some private colleges or universities in Texas. However, this article will help you make your best decision.

In this article, I will be listing out the top six (6) private colleges or universities in Texas based on their cost, competitiveness, prestige, outcomes, and degree value;

Rice University

Rice University Is officially one of the top 100 universities worldwide.

 It is located in Houston, the prime location; on top of that, it is ranked well.

The thing about this rice is that it’s expensive, with a tuition fee of about $51,107. However, it has a substantial acceptance rate of 11.1%.

You will need an excellent grade of an average Grade Point Average (GPA) of 4.12, a moderate Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) of 1510, and an average American College Testing (ACT) of 34.

University of Texas, Austin

The US University is solid in communication and media, ranking sixth globally.

It is a public university with a very high research ratio with a student/faculty ratio of 16, and no scholarship is offered.

It has about 5,089 international students with a total faculty of 3,081.

It is a highly competitive university and one of the top 20 ranked universities in the United States.

However, it would be best if you had an excellent grade score of 320 or over 325, an outstanding average GPA of around 3.83, SAT of about 1360 and ACT of approximately 30.

It has a considerable tuition fee of about $39,322, with an acceptance rate of roughly 31.8%.

Southern Methodist University

It is a private university with a very high output rate. It is located at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, United States.

SMU prepares students for leadership in their professions and their communities.

The learning environment includes opportunities for research, community service, internships, mentoring, and study abroad.

It has a student-faculty ratio of 10 and is also available for scholarships.

It has international students of about 1,368 with total faculties of 968.

If you want to be admitted to this University, you will need a GPA of about 3.64, an average SAT of 1390, and a middle ACT of 31.

It has a high tuition fee of $38,540 with an acceptance rate of about 47.3%. With this, you’re good to go!

Texas A & M University

Texas A&M University is a great university. It is the second-biggest University in the United States.

It is a public university with very high research outputs and offers no scholarships.

It has a total faculty of 3066. It is highly competitive, with a tuition fee of about $39,791 and a high acceptance fee of 57.5%.

If you would love to apply for this citadel of learning, you will need a GPA of 3.68, an average SAT of about 1280, and a middle ACT of 29.

It is the state’s first public institution of higher learning.

As a result, Texas A&M University has strategically grown into one of the nation’s most diverse and comprehensive universities.

It offers 200 undergraduate majors, almost 245 graduate degree programs, and professional degrees in law, veterinary medicine, medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, and public health.

In addition, it has a maritime branch campus in Galveston, Texas, an engineering branch in Doha, Qatar, and centers in Mexico and Costa Rica.

University of Houston, Texas

This public research institution comprises 16 academic colleges and an interdisciplinary Honors College.

Its primary campus is located in Houston. It has a student/faculty ratio of 22. In addition, it offers scholarships and admits about 3,209 international students.

It has a total faculty of 1676. It has a tuition fee of $28,300 with a reasonably high tuition fee of 65%, which is still considerable.

You will need an average GPA of 3.73 and an average SAT of about 1230 to be considered for admission into the University of Houston, Texas.

University of Texas Dallas

The University of Texas at Dallas is a public research institution. The main campus is in Richardson, Texas.

Its research output is very high. The student-faculty ratio is 21, and it offers no scholarships. Its number of international students is 4,853. Its size in terms of total faculty is 1,232.

It is an institution with a tuition fee of $46,300 and an acceptance fee of 78.6%.

It could be a more competitive university, so if you have an average or slightly above-average profile, you should be able to get into the University of Texas at Dallas.


Are all private colleges in Texas accredited?

All private colleges in Texas are certified. However, more is needed as The Texas Private Colleges Association also recommends it. Moreover, all accredited private colleges are listed at

Who accredited the private colleges in Texas, USA?

The TEPSAC in full (Texas Private Schools Accreditation Commission) accredited the private colleges in Texas; their primary purpose is to maintain personal school accreditation standards

Do private colleges in Texas also admit disabilities?

Yes, after the candidates undergo the necessary procedures. Moreover, they are protected from disabilities discrimination

How much do private colleges in Texas cost?

The average estimate of the colleges in Texas is $35,700 per student annually, which includes stationery and daily expenses.


Texas is widely known as one of the towns with private colleges of a high standard. It is clear that they are highly productive with their output (students), and trust me, it’s a place you will love to be.