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Study Nursing Abroad for Free

Are you planning to study Nursing abroad for free as an International student? Then, this article is a must-read for you. Here, we will discuss a few things you need to know about studying Nursing abroad for free, including the country that is cheapest and best to study Nursing. 

We will also touch on some other important aspects of this topic to give you a major insight into what you should expect as you plan to further your Nursing career outside your country. 

With that being said let’s get started with what we have for today!

Which Country Is the Cheapest to Study Nursing? 

Are you looking for the cheapest country to study Nursing? Then look no further than Norway. There is no doubt that Norway comes in first as the cheapest country in the world for anyone to pursue a nursing degree since most Norwegian public institutions do not charge tuition fees. The best part? All international students qualify for this benefit notwithstanding what country they are from. 

If you want to pursue your dream course whether you are an undergraduate or you want to further your Master’s or Bachelor’s degree program, but you don’t have enough money to cover your school expenses. It would be best if you consider studying at any of the public universities available in Norway as they have also got some of the best-ranking schools in the world. 

Below are the Top 3 Tuition free Nursing Schools in Europe

  1. Hamburg University of Applied Science – Department Of Nursing Management

At Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, students are not required to pay tuition fees, but rather a contribution of 306 Euros per semester. Additionally, the university offers scholarships to support international students in covering some of their expenses, allowing them to pursue their studies without accumulating debt.

Both domestic and international students are exempt from paying tuition fees to attend school. Instead, they only need to pay a semester fee that covers administrative expenses such as ID cards, counseling services, exams, and registration.

The University of Agder in Norway provides an exceptional nursing program that is completely free of charge. Students are only required to pay the semester fee, as all other costs are covered. Furthermore, public transportation is subsidized by the government.


Other countries like Germany, and Belgium, also offer free tuition fees to study.


Can I Study Nursing In the USA for Free? 

For sure, you can study Nursing for free in the USA as there are so many institutions you can apply to that offer scholarship programs to International students that will help cover the cost of their tuition fees. Well, that doesn’t mean you won’t have to pay a dime as you will also need to pay for your accommodation, books, and feeding expenses. 

A perfect example of an institution that offers free tuition fees to International students is Berea College a private school located in Kentucky, United States. This is one better option for anyone who is stunning to study Nursing for free in the United States. 


Which Is the Best Country to Study Nursing? 

Finland is considered the best country to study Nursing for students. The country is home to some of the best schools in the world with brilliant educational setups to help students achieve their ambitions. 

Schools in Finland also have high-quality certificates across many fields such as Medicine, Business, Art, and Engineering that can stand out anywhere in the world which is one reason why studying in Finland could be a good choice for you if you are looking for the best country to pursue your Nursing career. 

Can I Study Nursing for Free In the UK? 

Absolutely Yes, you can study Nursing for free in the UK following some simple routes though, it may not be 100% free and easy to get through the process but they will help you drastically reduce the cost of studying Nursing in the UK.

Well, the most recommended option to study Nursing for free in the UK is to apply for available scholarships in the country as so many schools and organizations offer scholarships each year to foreign students. 

The downside of these scholarship programs in the UK is that they are usually competitive which means that only the best brains get access to the scholarships. 

However, this is one good way to study your dream course for free as an International student or better still you can apply for work and study programs where students are allowed to work, get paid, and use their salaries to clear up school expenses while they continue with their studies. 


Nursing is a great course to study abroad however, it can also be quite expensive and demanding for some students who wish to study outside their countries. 

Hence, for those who may not be able to afford to study the course in school, they can enroll themselves or apply for scholarship programs or any other programs that provide international students with free tuition fees to study abroad in countries such as Australia, the UK, Canada, and the US. This way, they can study their dream course and pursue their careers without having to break the bank to cover school expenses. 

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