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Nitda Blockchain Scholarship (Apply Now)

Are you a Nigerian student interested in learning about blockchain technology? Then, let me tell you now about the Nigerian Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) Blockchain Scholarship.

This scholarship is a fantastic opportunity for Nigerian students to gain a comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology, which is becoming increasingly important in the global economy.

This blog post will provide an overview of the NITDA Blockchain Scholarship, including eligibility criteria, application requirements, and more.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about this incredible opportunity, read on!

What is Nitda blockchain scholarship about?

Nigerian Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) offers students an incredible opportunity to learn about blockchain technology through its new Blockchain Technology Scholarship Program.

This program provides students access to online blockchain courses, mentorship, internship opportunities, and the blockchain ecosystem.

It is open to all Nigerian students studying Information Technology, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Economics.

The program aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of blockchain technology and its applications, along with the necessary coding skills, project management skills, and problem-solving skills required to use blockchain technology in their field.

The program also allows students to network with industry professionals and gain valuable experience.

The program is funded by NITDA and is free of cost to students. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to get a head-start in the blockchain industry and gain the necessary skills to succeed.

If you are a Nigerian student studying in any of the mentioned fields, then make sure to apply for this program and take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

Requirements for Nitda blockchain scholarship

To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must be Nigerian citizens, currently enrolled in a Nigerian tertiary institution, and have a minimum CGPA of 3.5.

Furthermore, applicants must have a demonstrated track record of excellence in Blockchain Technology, be an active member of the Nigerian Blockchain community, and have a passion for developing and deploying innovative Blockchain solutions.

This scholarship opportunity is an excellent way for the Nigerian government to support and encourage the development and adoption of Blockchain Technology in Nigeria.

Furthermore, it is a chance for Nigerian students to gain valuable experience and contribute to the success of the Nigerian Blockchain space.

For more information on the Nitda Blockchain Scholarship, please visit their website.

The Benefit of the Nitda Blockchain scholarship

The Nigerian Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) has launched a blockchain scholarship program to provide financial assistance to students interested in exploring blockchain technology’s potential.

The scholarship program provides in-depth knowledge and understanding of the various aspects of blockchain technology and the opportunity to learn from industry experts and practitioners about the best ways to use blockchain technology.

The program aims to encourage the adoption of blockchain technology in various sectors of the Nigerian economy.

In addition, it provides students with practical knowledge and experience on how to develop and implement blockchain solutions.

Moreover, it allows students to network and interact with other blockchain professionals and enthusiasts.

The program also allows students to participate in blockchain hackathons and other related events.

The NITDA blockchain scholarship program is beneficial in many ways. It not only enhances the employability of students studying blockchain technology but also provides an opportunity for them to explore the potential of this revolutionary technology.

Furthermore, it provides a platform for students to engage with experts, practitioners and other professionals from the blockchain industry.

This will help them better understand the technology and its various applications.

How to apply for Nitda Scholarship

  • The application process for the Nitda blockchain scholarship is quite simple.
  • First, applicants need to visit the official website of Nitda and fill out the online application form.
  • They must also attach all the necessary documents, such as their CV, academic records, and other supporting documents.
  • Additionally, applicants must write a motivational letter expressing their interest in the area of blockchain and what they can bring to the Nitda blockchain scholarship.
  • After completing these steps, applicants must submit their application before the deadline.
  • Once the application process is completed, applicants will have to wait for the selection process to be finalized and for the results to be announced.
  • This process generally takes a few weeks to complete. Applicants selected for the scholarship will be notified via email or mail.
  • The Nitda blockchain scholarship is an excellent opportunity for students interested in blockchain technology to gain knowledge and experience in this rapidly emerging field.
  • Therefore, it is recommended that interested students check their eligibility criteria and apply before the deadline.


How Long is the Nitda Blockchain Scholarship Award Period?

This scholarship award period is for a full academic year, from September to August, providing recipients with tuition fees for up to four years and funding for study materials, research, and other educational expenses

Furthermore, the scholarship also includes mentorship and internship opportunities for its recipients.

What Criteria are Used to Select Scholarship Recipients for the Nitda Blockchain Scholarship?

The Nitda Blockchain scholarship recognizes students for their academic excellence, leadership, community involvement, and commitment to blockchain and related technologies.

Nitda places a high value on academic excellence, and applicants must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher.

They also seek to ensure that students of all economic backgrounds can benefit from this scholarship and will consider demonstrated financial need when selecting scholarship recipients.

In addition to academic excellence, Nitda looks for students who demonstrate leadership qualities in their school, community, or workplace.

They are also interested in students who have been actively involved in their communities through volunteer work, service projects, or other activities.

Finally, Nitda wants to ensure that scholarship recipients are genuinely interested in and committed to blockchain technology and related fields.

This will be a crucial factor in determining the scholarship recipients.

What are the duties of NITDA in Nigeria

Their role is to develop, regulate and advise on Information technology in the country through regulatory standards, guidelines and policies

How can I contact NITDA?

Quick contact. Call on. +2348168401851.

Email address. Mail to.

Head office. No. 28, Port Harcourt Crescent, Off Gimbiya Street, P.M.B 564, Area 11 Garki, Abuja, Nigeria.


The Nigerian Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) Blockchain Scholarship is a fantastic opportunity for Nigerian students to gain invaluable experience and knowledge in blockchain technology.

The scholarship is an excellent way for students to gain experience and learn more about blockchain technology. In addition, it can open up new career opportunities in a rapidly growing and exciting industry.

Blockchain technology is becoming increasingly crucial for businesses and organizations worldwide, and this scholarship is an excellent opportunity for students to get an early start in the industry.

If you’re a Nigerian student interested in blockchain technology, then the NITDA Blockchain Scholarship is worth considering.

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