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2023 Fully-Funded Scholarships in Canada: How to Apply

The best approach to conveniently fund your education is via scholarship programs. There are various kinds of scholarships anywhere across the globe. You can be qualified for scholarships that you are completely unaware of!

In Canada, individuals who have finished high school and desire to pursue further education have access to a wide variety of scholarships.

However, you must investigate the different scholarship programs, fill out an application, and stand a chance to get a fully funded scholarship in Canada.

One of the most crucial steps to receiving free scholarships in Canada is applying for them. The more applications you submit, the better your chances of winning.

This implies that you should submit as many scholarship applications as you can, rather than just a handful.

Starting the process early is another strategy for obtaining full scholarships in Canada. If you start the application process early, you give yourself more time and opportunity to be selected for any money-saving scholarships.

Scholarships are often awarded during the first term of your high school session or first semester of college/university.

Fully-Funded Scholarships in Canada

Canada has the biggest scholarship program.  Since applications are accepted four times a year, students like studying in Canada.

2023 fully-funded Scholarships in Canada do not need the IELTS or GRE. The scholarship benefits will cover your meals, lodging, complete tuition, additional expenses, stipends, and medical care.

All applicants for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral scholarships should thus consider these Canadian institutions. They offer fully funded scholarships in 2023.

These are the three most significant, most accepted, and best scholarships available to international students in Canada. 

University of Alberta

The public university known as the University of Alberta was founded in Alberta in 1908. Alberta is rated 5th in the nation and 119th worldwide by the QS Global University Rankings. The institution now has more than 39,000 students enrolled, both in the country and abroad.

The University of Alberta, one of Canada’s top 5 institutions, provides fully funded scholarships for masters and doctoral degrees to international students studying in Canada.

The degree program offered by the institution is the best among Canada’s universities.

Among other things, Alberta University offers 500 postgraduate degree programs in addition to more than 200 bachelor’s degree programs, 250 specialties, and 300 research topics.

In the university, undergraduate and graduate degree programs are accessible in all academic disciplines and majors. Every degree program that you enroll in immediately gives applicants consideration.

You do not need to submit a separate application for the majority of the scholarships. The school offers five different kinds of scholarships.

  • Scholarships for International Students: These scholarships are available to new first-year undergraduate students who have valid student visas. These scholarships are worth up to $9,000 and are repayable over a four-year period.
  • Gold Standard Scholarship: These awards, which have a maximum worth of $6,000, are available to students who rank in the top 5% of their academic classes.
  • Doctoral Recruiting Scholarships: These $5,000/year grants are intended to help Ph.D. candidates cover their tuition costs.
  • Masters Degree Entry Scholarship: Students will get a stipend of $17,500 for their studies, and international applicants will also receive an extra $10,000 in cover fees.
  • Graduate Excellence Scholarship (AGES): Students pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees are eligible to receive a $15,000 scholarship to help with living costs.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants with any nationality are eligible to apply for Alberta Scholarships if they meet up with the following requirement;

  • You must have all the required documents and be able to provide them in your application.
  • To apply for a bachelor’s Degree, you must have High School Certificate.
  • For Masters Degree, you must hold an Undergraduate Degree.
  • For admission to Ph.D. A degree and Masters’s Degree certificate are required.

Application Deadline

International students may apply for University of Alberta Scholarships in Canada during one of four intakes each year. Here is the deadline for each intake:

September admission, July 1

January admission, November 1

May admission, March 1 

July admission, May 1

University of Saskatchewan

In Saskatoon, Canada, the University of Saskatchewan was founded in 1907. It belongs to the public research sector.

It is rated 16th in the nation and 465th overall by QS Global University Ranking. The institution is a school for more than 3,000 international students from 130 different countries.

The University of Saskatchewan offers almost every academic subject and major that gives a graduate degree.

The scholarship benefits are sufficient to pay all the costs of earning your degree. The University of Saskatchewan gives lessons in English.

The University offers scholarships for undergraduate study for four years, master’s study for two years, and doctoral study for three years.

Several scholarships with varying values are currently available to students in 2023. For undergraduate degree scholarships tagged competitive entrance awards, the benefit ranges from $10,000 to $20,000.

For postgraduate degree scholarships, it will provide up to $18,000 and $22,000 for masters and PhDs respectively.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to apply for University of Saskatchewan Scholarships Canada, candidates must meet the requirements listed below.

  • Applicant must have an English Proficiency Certificate
  • Must be a student from a reputable high school outside Canada if applying for a bachelor’s degree
  • For a Masters’s Degree, a candidate must possess an undergraduate degree from an accredited university.
  • For a Ph.D., you must have a master’s degree, or its equivalent, from an accredited university or other organization in the field of study you choose to pursue.
  • For a postgraduate diploma, a candidate must have a four-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or its equivalent.

Application Deadline

The deadline to apply to the University of Saskatchewan Scholarships in Canada for International Students is February 28, 2023.

University of Toronto

University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada, was founded in 1827. It is the first institution of higher learning in Canada. Many leaders have emerged from this institution.

It is rated number one in the nation and number 25 globally by QS Global University Rankings. The institution provides students with high-quality education as well as other services.

The institution provides scholarships to study bachelor’s or master’s degree programs at universities in almost all academic subjects and majors.

The University of Toronto Scholarships are regarded as the best scholarships ever. Based on academic achievement and financial need, the University of Toronto awards admissions scholarships.

There are three kinds of scholarships that the institution provides. They include;

  • Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship
  • President’s Scholars of Excellence Program, and
  • University of Toronto Scholars Program.

For the majority of the Scholarships, no separate application is necessary. Over 5,000 in-course prizes and 4,500 entrance scholarships totaling nearly $20 million are given out annually by the University, its schools, faculties, and divisions.

Eligibility Requirements

The Eligibility Criteria vary, depending on the scholarship you’re pursuing. However, you must meet the following requirements.

  • Have at least 80% in your entry average.
  • Have and show outstanding leadership qualities
  • Complete your entry application and send it in before the scholarship deadline.
  • You must be an international student

To get more information, you should check the university’s website.

Application Deadline

The deadline to apply for the University of Toronto grants in Canada for undergraduate programs is January 12, 2023. You can check the university website for postgraduate scholarship deadlines.

How to Apply for a Fully Funded Scholarship in Canada

For first-time applicants, the Canadian scholarship application procedure might be a bit intimidating.

However, with a little effort, you can have your scholarship application completed and assessed in no time. Follow these pointers to make the process easier;

  • Get scholarships that fit your academic interests and ambitions by starting your search online. This will assist you in creating an application for a scholarship that is suited to the demands of the scholarship organization.
  • Before applying, try to learn as much as you can learn about the scholarship program. This contains the number of scholarships offered, the selection process, and the scholarship duration.

Prepare the necessary documents before you begin filling out your scholarship application. The documents include the following;

  • Acceptance letter
  • All academic records and degrees Certificates demonstrating your qualification
  • What motivates your desire for this scholarship (Statement of purpose Essay)
  • English proficiency certification (IELTS, TOEFL, etc.)
  • Medical test result
  • As soon as you’ve applied, send your completed scholarship application form. It’s best if you hear about your application as soon as possible!


For most international students, Canada is their ideal study destination. That’s predictable.

As everyone is aware, Canada has one of the top educational systems in the world and is often rated as one of the best countries in the world.

The country authorized about 56,000 study programs recently. It is also one of the countries that offer the most and greatest scholarships.

This is a huge opportunity, so take advantage of it by applying for an application for the Canada 2023 fully funded Scholarships as soon as possible.


Is it possible for me to get a scholarship based on my admission?

If you meet the qualifying requirements, the admissions committee will automatically award you a scholarship in Canada.

What is the IELTS score required to be eligible for Canadian scholarships?

Canadian scholarships require an IELTS score of 6.5.

Can I study in Canada without a study permit?

You don’t need a study permit if your course or program lasts six months or less in Canada.

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