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Dubai visa for Kenyans

Kenyas adore visiting the United Arab Emirates. Around the city, there are many breathtaking vistas to be found. On this journey, you should be sure to pack a very good camera because you won’t be able to resist the sights and you’ll need a record of them.

You have plenty to keep you satisfied, from the view of the Burj Khalifa to the Ferrari World and the mosque with its crystal chandelier.

About 20.7 million foreign tourists travel to Dubai each year, and this number is expected to increase significantly over the next few years. The UAE’s most populous city is Dubai.

Alcohol consumption is prohibited in restaurants, bars, clubs, private settings, and homes for Muslims.

In grocery stores and general stores, tourists are not permitted to purchase alcoholic beverages. In Dubai and the UAE, e-cigarettes and vaping are prohibited.

The UAE ranks seventh in the world for oil reserves and seventeenth for natural gas reserves. The nation’s economy is centered on business and tourism rather than being reliant on this large reserve.

Only a corporate tax of 5% is levied by the government of the United Arab Emirates.

General Requirements for Dubai visa for  Kenyans

Below are the requirements needed for a Dubai visa for Kenyans:

  • A valid national passport with a 180-day expiration date is required for exiting the country. Two blank pages in the passport should be available for necessary stamps.
  • A complete and signed application for a visa that has been filled out correctly.
  • Two photos the size of a passport that was taken against a white background. The passport must be no more than three months old.
  • bank statement with a positive closing balance from the three months prior to applying for the visa. This demonstrates your ability to look after yourself while you are abroad.
  • Authentic travel insurance that covers the entire length of your stay in the nation
  • evidence of accommodation
  • Return flight reservation.
  • evidence of civil status
  • a duplicate of the itinerary.

Dubai visa for  Kenyans Eligibility & Requirements

The requirements are as follows:

  • Kenyans who intend to visit the UAE for a short time, less than two days, need this visa.
  • Kenyans who want to visit Dubai for leisure or business must apply for this visa.
  • Due to the fact that stopover travelers can apply for this visa, it could also be used as a transit visa.
  • After the date of issuance, the visa remains valid for 30 days.
  • They can also apply for this visa on behalf of their local friends or relatives.
  • An official invitation letter from your host is necessary if you are traveling to the United Arab Emirates to visit a friend or relative. The letter of invitation should be accompanied by a reliable form of identification for your host.
  • Kenyans must present a copy of their national identification cards, while non-Kenyans must show a copy of their work permit or dependent pass.
  • Minors must present their original birth certificate copy. A letter of consent signed by both parents is necessary if a minor is traveling with just one parent or alone.
  • This visa does not allow its holders to be paid for any services they provide while they are in the nation.

Dubai visa for  Kenyans Eligibility & Requirements

  • Kenyans may travel to the United Arab Emirates on this visa for business, tourism, recreation, and other purposes.
  • The visa’s name indicates that it is only good for 14 days.
  • Visas issued for 14 days cannot be extended.
  • After the date of issuance, it remains valid for 14 days.
  • Foreign visitors are not permitted to work while they are here.
  • You may use this visa to bring friends or family members into the country.
  • Non-Kenyans are required to provide a copy of their Kenyan stay permit during the application process.
  • In order to avoid overstaying their visa, applicants for this type of visa must make sure they follow all the regulations governing their application.

Dubai Multi-Entry Visa for Kenyans Eligibility & Requirements

  • Kenyans who apply for this visa want to visit friends and family, conduct business, and go on vacation there.
  • A multiple-entry visa, it is good for 58 days after the date of issuance.
  • It can be extended twice for a total of 90 days. Each extension of this visa costs 850 AED.
  • Foreign nationals who wish to extend this visa are required to go to the Emirates Commercial Visa Services as soon as they arrive and pay the visa extension fee.
  • This visa entitles the bearer to multiple entries into the United Arab Emirates and a 30-day stay starting from the first entry.
  • Once used, a multiple-entry visa cannot be reversed. The applicant would need to wait until the visa’s validity expired.
  • While non-Kenyans must submit a work permit or dependent pass in Kenya, Kenyans must submit a copy of their national ID.
  • The original unabridged copy of your birth certificate must be submitted if you are under the age of 18.


Can Kenyans get visas to Dubai?

Yes. When visiting the UAE, Kenyan nationals can submit an online visa application. Kenyan citizens can obtain an online e-visa for the UAE. Typically, the stay is brief. When requesting an online e-visa for the UAE, the applicant is not required to be present. There are a total of 4 documents needed to apply for an online e-visa for the UAE.

How much is a Kenyan visa for Dubai?

The required credit or debit card payment for the application fee, which begins at 850 AED, is required.

Can Kenyans travel to Dubai?

As long as all required paperwork and information is provided accurately, the application process for an e-visa to the UAE online is quick and simple for Kenyan nationals. Kenyan nationals can ensure a simple and hassle-free process for obtaining a UAE tourist visa by adhering to these 7 steps.


Even after the Dubai eVisa for Kenyan citizens is introduced, Kenyan citizens who intend to visit the UAE for business or tourism for a period of more than 90 days, or who are entering the country for study, work, medical treatment, visiting relatives, or immigration, will still need to apply for a conventional visa for Dubai from Kenya.

The applicant must appear for an in-person interview and submit a conventional visa application at a UAE embassy or consulate. Applying for a traditional visa takes longer than applying for a Kenyan eVisa in the UAE because this process is not electronic.

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