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Don't wait for the discomfort to begin!

Introducing Good To Go™. The gentle way to help prevent traveler’s constipation. Created by a doctor for his patients. Now available to you.

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Don't wait for the discomfort to begin!
Fitness Magazine: Peg Rosen and Lisa Haney
"We feared it would have us running for the toilet all vacation. But it worked like a charm; we stayed on our poop schedule as if we had never left home."

– Fitness Magazine: Peg Rosen and Lisa Haney

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Created By Doctors

Created By Doctors

As a gastroenterologist in private practice for 20 years, one question patients often ask is, “Doctor, what can I do about getting constipated when I travel?” Now there’s a good answer.

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On the go and can’t?

It’s the usual story: Day 3 of your big trip and you haven’t, well, used the facilities. The gas and bloating is kicking in. You’re starting to get uncomfortable. Suddenly, your relaxing vacation is feeling a lot less so. You start to wonder what you can do. Should you try a laxative? Which one? And will that give you diarrhea?

Finally, a way to vacation without constipation.

Presenting Good To Go. The first effective, natural solution specifically designed to help prevent traveler’s constipation before the discomfort begins. Created by a gastroenterologist, Good To Go is a special blend of natural ingredients gentle enough to avoid producing diarrhea–yet effective enough to keep you regular so you can relax and enjoy your time away from home.

Don't Wait for the Discomfort to Begin. Be Good To Go.

Good To Go
Good To Go

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91.7% of Travelers Reported that Good to Go helped them stay regular on their most recent trip

Do you suffer from constipation when traveling? And the symptoms like gas, bloating or cramps that go along with it? All-Natural Good To Go lets you travel comfortably by helping to prevent constipation so you can enjoy your trip. The suggested regimen is four days no matter how long your trip. By then most traveler’s have adapted to their new surroundings and no longer need it.