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“I was grateful for your product's effectiveness - have not traveled so comfortably for a long time. I'm sure I will continue to use it in the future.”  - Meredith, MA


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“I was glad to see it at the airport. Used it and found it extremely helpful! I went online and ordered three more packs when I returned home!”  - Susan, NY


“Would always have a difficult time traveling and feeling so uncomfortable days on end when I arrived. Your product made life so much easier and I could enjoy the vacation!”  -  Mary, NY


“Good to go was very helpful. Easy to use and easy to follow instructions. Better than anything I've used before.”  - Diane, CA


"It was such a relief to be comfortable and able to enjoy all the incredible food in Italy with out thinking wow this is my 5th meal and I still haven't "gone" great product! fantastic name!!"  - Kathy, traveling in Italy


“I was very pleased with this product. I definitely believe it made a difference for me.”  - Shari, Connecticut


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“Worked issues at all....follow instructions and you are ‘Good to Go'...would use again for sure.”  - Susan, Connecticut


“This was the first trip that I was able to not worry about being bloated and uncomfortable. Really happy that I found out about this product.”  - Kris, MA


"I used the product in Europe and really was comfortable while there for two weeks. That's pretty shocking, I might add.”  - Jackie, MA


“The packaging was just right; no waste, and very clear. I had no upset stomach or changes in bowel habits. After 24 hours of travel each direction, my bowels continued to move as if I were still at home, living my daily routine. This is a first for me.”  - Nancy, PA


“Very helpful part of my essentials international tool kit. Glad I found Good To Go!”  – Robert, TX


“Worked like a charm. I actually gave a package to my 24 year old granddaughter who also suffers from constipation and it worked for her also.”  - Susan, MA


“It really seemed to make a difference. I am very happy with your product and will definitely use it again. Thank you!”  - Dan, CA


“I travel from Austin to San Diego monthly to help out with my 95-year old grandmother. I have long suffered issues in the bathroom when traveling and regular laxatives are just too harsh and unpredictable. Fed up I googled and found your product! I used Good To Go on my last trip and it really helped! It worked far better than I expected and no rushing to the bathroom like with a regular laxative! Thank you so much for making a product that I can use and feel good about. My trips to see my grandmother can now fully focus on her. No more discomfort for me!”  – Piper, TX


“Because this is a very excellent, more gentle way of helping keep things moving I feel comfortable having my kids use it to.”  – V,  MA


“Good to Go is the first product that actually worked for me. Laxatives never worked and prescription meds just made me too sick to enjoy vacation. I've struggled with severe traveler's constipation for 10 years and I'm a lover of travel. I'm so excited I found this!!”  - Sarah, CO