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NACDS Press Release

Introducing Good To Go® 

The first solution created to help prevent traveler’s constipation

Denver, Co (August 17, 2015) Good To Go will be making its NACDS TSE debut in Denver August 22-25, booth #1255.

It’s the usual story: Day 3 of your big trip and you haven’t, well, used the facilities. The gas and bloating are kicking in. You’re starting to get uncomfortable. Suddenly, your relaxing vacation is feeling a lot less so. What do you do? Laxatives can be so unpredictable, It’s scary. Who wants to spend the trip scoping out the nearest restrooms?


Traveler’s constipation is the travel secret nobody ever talks about, but it’s a real thing. According to a recent survey by Allium Research and Analytics of 1,002 Americans who have traveled at least once in the past year for business or leisure, 48% developed constipation on their trip. Different people have these problems for different reasons, such as changes in schedule, different diet and mealtimes, dehydration, and sitting for long periods of time in cars or planes. There’s often a psychological aspect as well, including anxiety, stress and the “home bowl” issue – one’s preference for his or her own bathroom.


Good To Go is the first and only safe and natural solution formulated specifically to help prevent traveler’s constipation before it occurs. It was created by Dr. Ed Levine, a board-certified gastroenterologist, who for twenty years has been advising his patients who travel on how to avoid getting constipated on business trips and vacations, and his wife Dr. Wendy Levine, also a physician and board-certified psychiatrist. “As doctors, we knew that a safe solution tailored to preventing traveler’s constipation simply didn’t exist. So why not create one?” says Dr. Ed Levine. “Our goal was to create a chemical-free, all-natural combination of plant-based laxatives and fiber that would be effective enough to maintain regularity and prevent constipation before it occurs, yet gentle enough to avoid producing the undesirable side-effects of other common laxatives, such as diarrhea.”


Not sudden, unpredictable relief, but gentle prevention. Good To Go is a simple four-day regimen containing a natural blend of proven bulk, stimulant and osmotic ingredients including Psyllium  Husk, Chia Seed Power, Prune and Apricot extract, Aloe Vera, Senna Leaf Powder, and naturally occurring    Magnesium. Good To Go comes in a box containing a four-day regimen of 16 natural capsules.

Upon arrival at the destination, the traveler takes two “AM” capsules in the morning with a full glass of water, and two “PM” capsules with a full glass of water in the evening for four days. This regimen is continued until the pack is finished – it’s that simple!


Safe and smooth “travel insurance.” Dr. Levine recommends including Good To Go in your travel kit along with other essentials such as aspirin, antacids, sunblock, etc., so you’ll never be stuck without it. Good To Go is sold at,, select airport retailer, CVS, Whole Foods, and health stores nationwide.


Visit us at NACDS Booth #1255, to learn more about Good To Go

*Good To Go is a registered trademark of WELax, LLC, Easton, CT, 06612