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When we began to do the research on how to prevent traveler’s constipation, we knew it was going to be complicated. Nutrients and fibers have long played a role in treating constipation. Yet any gastroenterologist will tell you that avoiding any type of constipation is tricky. Too little nutrition and the problem persists. Too much and diarrhea results. Add to that the challenges your body faces when you're active: Change in diet. Change in schedule. A tendency to dehydrate. New and strange toilets. It’s not a recipe for success.

We created Good To Go’s recipe with all that in mind.

All the fruits, salads and vegetables you eat are laxatives. As are your bran breakfast cereals, whole wheat breads and brown rice. Natural laxatives of all kinds have been used for centuries to help with the age-old problem of constipation.

Good To Go is purposely blended with low doses of natural ingredients. Why? To minimize the risk of loose stools. Because the last thing anyone needs while being active are sudden bathroom trips.

Natural Ingredients

A precise blend of; Chia Seeds, Psyllium, Prunes, Apricots, Senna, Aloe, and Magnesium.

Put all this together and you have softer, bulkier stools, which are easier to pass. Making your time away from home easier to enjoy.

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