You have been in the studio spending several hours to come out with a timeless piece of art. It could be you have paid a songwriter, background vocalist, and instrumentalist to ensure it become a hit song to your audience. The bitter truth is if you don’t promote your music, it won’t get to your audience. The only way to prove your naysayers wrong is by using strategic methods to promote your song. 

If your family are the only people vibing to your music, there’s a high probability you won’t attract the desired audience to streamline it online. Fortunately, the technological era has made it easier for Indie music artists to promote their music to a wide audience in different parts of the globe. Most times, it is through music promotion some artists are being signed to a record label.

There are lots of artists in the music industry with great sound searching for managers, record labels, and Music ARs to sign deals with them. If you fall under this category, then, you must be ready to learn the basics of getting a high number of listeners to your songs, thousands of viewers for your video on YouTube, lots of people streaming your song, etc. Have you been having migraines thinking of the best ways to do this, you can smile as you read further.

1. Share Engaging Content:

It is one of the best ways to draw audiences to your music, and anything you put on social media platforms should be something people can’t help but share to attract more audiences. For instance, Lil Nas X used a unique method for his song “Old Town Road” and the music became popular. You need to have a creative song that will allow you to do a creative video.

For Lil Nas X, one of the memes he created in his video became appealing to the eyes of an influencer on Titok. As a result of this, the song blew like wildfire globally. You need a good music producer and sound engineer who will do a perfect job for you. You can create a high-quality video with your music playing in the background, and share it on social media.

2. Locate your Target Audience:

When you are starting your music, remember you are trying to get recognized by different people such as fans, fellow established artistes, On-Air-Personalities, event promoters, music managers, record labels, etc. It is best to associate with other musical artistes who do the same music genre as you and get them to influence your music.

The best way to do this is to study the fans of musical artistes who do similar music with you and find out the methods the artiste use in getting in touch with their targeted audience. When once you can get the right information, then you can be certain to connect with these fans using the ideal content.

3. Tell a Unique Story:

If you want fans to connect with you, then you need to craft out unique stories of yourself. It could be either struggles, weaknesses, success, etc. The main idea is for the fans to see your human side and create a perfect relationship with you. You might decide to share a story about your past life while struggling to record your song. At the end of it, you might have high engagement in the story.

For instance, Cardi B doesn’t give a dime to anyone, and it implies she is unapologetic herself who doesn’t depend on the opinion of other people. Since you are trying to promote yourself and music, you must be ready to let the fans see the obstacles you have been through, and you could decide to create suspense in your story to keep them yearning for more.

4. Networking with Influencers:

It is one thing to network with different influencers and is another thing to add value to their lives. When you affiliate with them, you have an opportunity to ask them to share your music on their various social media pages. We have different types of influencers such as social media influencers, music influencers, show promoters, bloggers, etc. Having these people in your network will make your music go far.

You can connect with them on social media like Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Another way is attending events, music festivals, and concerts to create that friendship with them. You must find a way to add value to their lives. If you have a skill that will be beneficial to them, you can use it to solve their problems.

5. Digital Marketing is Key:

Indie musical artistes who are familiar with digital marketing are one step ahead of their contemporaries who see novice. The ads you see on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are used for promoting products. For instance, an artiste with digital marketing skills can promote his or her music by running ads on different sites.

In digital marketing, there are lots of strategies involved because it is so broad. If you have no idea about digital marketing, you should get enrolled in a class to carry out ads yourself rather than paying someone a huge amount for it. It will help you reduce the monetary cost you will spend to make your music popular.

6. Reward your Fans:

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t like to be rewarded for their good work. Rewarding your fans is a better way to let them know they are special to you. As a new artiste trying to gain popularity, it doesn’t have to be money because you can send other items, such as digital copies of your EP or album, personalized emails, music merge, etc.

In the beginning, you might not see the effect of rewarding your fans, but it will pay you much later. This method is one of the effective ways to make your music popular because you are using a word-of-mouth advertising strategy to promote your music. If you haven’t tried this, it is never too late to add the method to your next music promotion.

7. Music Collaboration:

It is another method that can yield good results for you. There are two ways of doing music collaboration with musical artistes – collaborating with the same artistes doing the same music genre or the other. For this to work fine, you need to do a music collabo with artiste(s) having a high number of fans on social media. 

The essence of this is to get his or her fans to connect with you, share your content, become parts of your fans, etc. Music collaboration is the best way to have more organic followers. Also, some A-list music artistes in the industry, still, perform collaborations with other musical artistes for the same thing you are looking for as an upcoming star.   


The worst thing or nightmare that could happen to any aspiring musician is to have a git song but clueless about the strategy to promote the music. You might be having headaches thinking about the method to use for advertising yourself to gain popularity, you can use these different ways in this content to change the game.    

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