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Travel Tip Number 348............

I often read various articles and blogs about suggestions for eating right while on vacation. Although there is some degree of common ground on certain recommendations, there really seems to be no sure proof recommendation. None the less sanity to the endless lists of recommendations. If I were to take everyone’s top 10 list, remove the repeated points, I would still have a final list of Top 347 ways to eat right while on vacation. Here I got an idea, how about a tip that says, “you are on vacation, have fun!”

Then if that was not enough to deter you from booking the trip with extra seats on plane for your nutritionist and therapist, let’s throw in the fact that most everyone comes back from a trip complaining about gaining weight. Some articles even went as far as recommending that you bring charts, lists and books about foods along with the combined use of a mobile app that can identify and calculate nutritional facts and figures in real time to help manage your food intake while on vacation. Really? Somehow the word “vacation” got lost somewhere.

Now I’m not referring to those that have food allergies, Celiac Disease or specific dietary requirements, because they usually have their guidelines down to a science. It’s the majority of travelers that try to emulate their at home eating habits while abroad on travel. Sounds simple, right? Wrong, that is why there is 347 things to think about. One article even went as far to say, “plan ahead” by eating a sensible meal before leaving for the airport so you can avoid fast food while waiting for plane. Well there you go, you’re all set with your trip. By planning ahead, you can be sure that the first 37 minutes of your 7 day 6 night trip is a success.

As an executive, I can honestly say that I have earned the right to say that I am an experienced traveler with some years recording more than 250,000 flight miles (flown, not reward miles) in one calendar year as an average for many years. It was 3,508 miles round trip just to get to my office every week. With that, there is only one tip worth hearing; help your body. Forget about regular routines, proper hydration, and similar foods. It’s just not going to happen as smoothly as you would like, regardless of how much you plan. Natural supplements are great for this. Helps your body cope with the changes and stresses of travel so that you can continue to focus on why you are there without unnecessary discomfort or inconveniences. Then you can fall back to your regular routines when you get back home without having to think back as to what you could have done differently to enjoy your trip, next time.

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