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We all do it—and we all know that when we travel, our bowel movements can get a little funky (unless you're one of the blessed few whose GI tract manages to remain unaffected). Here are the two most common ailments your bowels are likely to experience on your next trip, as well as how you can deal.

You Will Be Less Regular When we travel, our bowels can experience a bit of stage fright—and jet lag, changes in our everyday schedule, lifestyle and dietary changes, and a change in our environment can all contribute to these changes in our bowel habits. So, you may find yourself pooping at different times of the day than you normally do or having trouble pooping at all.

Whether subconsciously or consciously, we usually have a scheduled time to go to the bathroom during our normal daily routine, one that is usually significantly altered when we travel. Scheduling a time to go—or becoming more comfortable going to the bathroom somewhere other than your home—will certainly help you be more regular during travel. You can also eat a more fibrous diet before and through your trip to help regulate your bowel movements.

You Are More Likely to Experience Irritable Bowel Syndrome Many patients complain that with travel—particularly those who travel for work—they experience more of their typical IBS symptoms, including pain, a change in bowel habits, or bloating.

IBS symptoms are often triggered by stress, so count on that screaming toddler strapped into the airplane seat beside you or a missed connection to get your poops on the wrong track. And while you can't completely avoid all stressful situations, you can make an effort to assist your body that will aid in regularity.

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