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Being Proactive When Traveling

Part of the excitement of traveling is encountering the unknowns of new places. Whether new sights, historical landmarks, breathtaking views and the luxuries of the local culture, are the reasons we like to travel.  

More often then we care to admit, we have at some point made the statement, "I need a vacation to rest from my vacation" or, we have made the proverbial statement "I need to get back into the routine of things when I get home." Whether we admit it or not, we have all said or thought this at one point or another. This is exactly the reason why being proactive is so important without hindering your vacation or trip. Unforeseen things will always happen, that's why traveling is so intriguing to many. Call them travel buffs, road warriors, world travelers, travel enthusiast, frequent flyers, or rewards members, but they all have one thing in common - they are forcing a new schedule to their bodies.

Changes in time zones, local cuisines, eating times, hours of sleep, or even changes in elevation are all encountered while having fun on a trip, but sometimes your body doesn't have as much fun as you do. This can cause unnecessary fatigue, uncomfortable gut feelings, and lowering of your bodies resistance. So being proactive is not necessarily making sure you have a choice of swimsuits, or the right pair of shoes, but ensuring that your body is performing its best. Traveler's constipation is very often overlooked, but very common when traveling. A majority of people do not realize they are suffering from it until they have experienced the difference of avoiding it. All of the things that make a trip, contribute to the cause of traveler's constipation. Staying regular while on your trip, will help you enjoy all the reasons why you're on the trip in the first place. 

Good To Go is a blend of all natural ingredients that helps prevent traveler's constipation. Over the counter laxatives can sometimes have harsh side-effects that can really make things interesting while traveling. Good To Go is made from natural ingredients that help your body just as if you were eating healthy at home, without needing to bring your refrigerator.  (chia seeds, prunes, apricots, psyllium, senna, aloe, and magnesium)

How does Good To Go really work?

Different types of laxatives work in a variety of ways. And individuals respond differently to them. So we custom blended bulk, stimulant and osmotic laxatives to optimize efficacy specifically for people who are on the go. Two different formulas target multiple components of action as part of a simple, four-day regimen.

Bulk Laxatives bulk up stool by drawing water into the intestinal tract. Fiber is a good example. Normally our diets are full of fiber– brown breads, oatmeal, salads, fruits, beans, and vegetables. Yet when we travel it’s often difficult to maintain our usual diets. Which end up low in fiber. Less fiber in our diets, less water in our stool. That makes for harder stool, which is more difficult to pass. Fiber supplements are the most commonly used bulk laxatives since they are natural, very gentle and very well tolerated.

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