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Americans are Traveling

Did you know that more than 100 million Americans will travel during the holiday season? However, most people do not realize that over 40% (figures range between 40-49 percent) will experience traveler's constipation. 

Many do not realize it because they self-diagnose themselves with such things as; "I have gas" or "I feel bloated" or "I must have eaten too much." These are all symptoms of constipation when you travel. Even individuals that generally eat healthy on a normal basis can experience it, again because you're traveling. You see, we have all heard the term "being regular." When traveling on vacation, or for business, or heading to a function away from home, the idea of being "regular" is no longer in your control. When you eat, what you eat, what you drink, how often you drink water, unfamiliar restrooms, and the basic stresses of traveling will make a difference. 

Here's something to think about......  When flying alone, look at the other two people in your row. Chances are that two of you will experience discomfort on this trip. If your traveling with friends or family in that row? Be sure to bring enough Good to Go for everyone.

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