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Kids and Constipation

As parents, it’s difficult to watch your children experience discomfort, but the reality is that most kids get constipated. If you understand the root of the issue it may help you prevent it. Here’s a list of potential causes.

  1. Constipation at the beginning of the school year is common. Changes in routine and the stress of a new year undoubtedly play a role.
  2. Self-consciousness sometimes plays a role in teen constipation. Most teens (and adults) are not comfortable using a different bathroom, especially in public places.
  3. Hormonal changes may lead to a disruption of bowel habits. 

  4. Teens tend to have more erratic eating patterns which often exclude fruits and vegetables. The lack of fiber can lead to constipation. 

  5. Prescription medications including antidepressants can contribute to constipation. It’s important to read labels thoroughly and discuss with your doctor what to do to help compensate for this common side effect of most medications. 

  6. Allergies and overconsumption of dairy can be the cause of constipation. We all love cheese, but monitoring their intake is a good practice. 

  7. Kids with family members that suffer from constipation are more likely to develop constipation. 

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