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Being Proactive When Traveling

Being Proactive When Traveling

Part of the excitement of traveling is encountering the unknowns of new places. Whether new sights, historical landmarks, breathtaking views and th...

Why Flying Dehydrates You

Why Flying Dehydrates You

One of the reasons people become constipated when they travel is that they get dehydrated, and one of the reasons people become dehydrated when the...

Introduction to Travel Anxiety: Causes and Cures

Introduction to Travel Anxiety: Causes and Cures

Most people in the world dream of travel. But travel anxiety is also very common. Many people are simply afraid of travelling - some people may not...

Natural Constipation Relief

According to Connecticut-based gastroenterologist Ed Levine, MD, one big reason has to do with changes in your routine. Different meal times, a shifted sleeping schedule, or jet lag can throw off your body’s circadian rhythm and affect your digestive process.

Americans are Traveling

Americans are Traveling

Did you know that more than 100 million Americans will travel during the holiday season? However, most people do not realize that over 40% (figures range between 40-49 percent) will experience traveler's constipation. 

Kids and Constipation

Getting to the root of constipation in kids is a challenge, but we've got a list of potential causes for parents to look out for.

How to Cruise Like a Pro

When you’re planning your winter escape, here are five tips to maximize your vacation at sea.

5 Essentials For Surviving The Communal Dorm Bathroom

If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of soon-to-be college freshmen, there are probably some things on your mind that you’d rather not talk about. You know you’ll probably share a room with someone. And you know you definitely won’t have a private bathroom. So how are you going to find some occasional privacy? And how are you going to ever get used to using a bathroom that’s not your “home bowl”?

Preparing for Your Honeymoon? How to Ward off Traveler's Constipation

We all enjoy the chance now and then to jet off to some magical destination for a brief respite or to enjoy a few days of adventure—from scuba diving to special food and beverage concoctions to top-notch nightly entertainment. But sometimes your stomach revolts, upending your travel plans (so to speak). Maybe it was the pesto con funghi you ate in the Portofino restaurant last night, or maybe it’s been quite a few days since you’ve had a normal bowel movement. Whether you’re on vacation with family or a work trip with co-workers, constipation can become a real nightmare, getting in the way of your intended itinerary.

Constipation in Older Adults: 5 Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Just because you’re not moving your bowels every day doesn’t mean that you’re constipated. In fact, doctors consider it normal if you’re moving your bowels anywhere between three times a day and every three days. And in fact many people move their bowels even less frequently than that.   If your stools are less than twice a week and you’re having symptoms associated with that infrequency such as gas, bloating and cramps, then you’re considered to be constipated.

Good To Go Featured on Fox 5 San Diego with Kellee Edwards - Wellness Travel

Last week, the talented and adventurous Kellee Edwards of featured Good To Go in her round up of wellness travel products on Fox 5 San Diego morning show. “Good To Go is vacation without constipation,” Kellee told her morning viewers.

Travel Bucket List

Photo by Ken Bosma/flickr

New year. New adventures! It may only be February, but here at Good To Go we’re already mapping out our travels for the year. Our 2015 travel wish list takes us from a spa deep in the Indian Ocean to an ancient temple on top of the Peruvian Andes. Come along as we daydream about the world’s most exciting, luxurious and relaxing destinations.